Inside the Pyramid

Inside The Pyramid is a video training program that goes into depth about many of the topics that are not taught in most education programs which directly contribute to success in elements of business. During the COVID-19 shutdown many small businesses were forced to close their doors forever. This made the larger corporations even more powerful in their monopoly in almost every area of commerce and industry.

The true power of a free-market society lies in the ability for anyone to enter into the arena with new ideas and strategies which allow prices to remain low, and innovation to continue moving forward. This requires there always be a fresh influx of people who are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit paved the way for what became the “American Dream” of a chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway. Today that idea has been used to nearly enslave most people into a lifestyle which is beyond the control of the person living it. Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself this question, if you lost your job today, how long would it take before your power is turned off and you’re being forced to choose between groceries or paying your rent or mortgage?¬†Most of us would find ourselves in this position within 30-90 days. Worse yet, once you started making money again, how long would it take you to recover from the bills that piled up while you were down and out?

This program ia designed to be a paid subscription training program. However, as the world began coming out of the COVID-19 crisis it became obvious that many of the skills and techniques taught in this program are so vital to helping someone regain control over their life that the choice was made to offer the first 5 modules of the program ABSOLUTELY FREE. No gimmicks, no tricks.. FREE.

There are a dozen modules for this program total, and even three bonus modules, which were intended to enhance the experience for people willing to pay for the full-level of subscription. Instead of trying to maintain control of the information through the financial investment someone was willing to make, the first 5 training modules are now available completely free. 

“We built this like we would have with any other business strategy, but after realizing how much of an impact the shutdown had on everyone I am convinced this information is needed now more than ever. It just wouldn’t be right to restrict people’s ability to rise to new heights in this new post COVID environment to those who have the means to pay for it without getting a taste of it and finding out if it’s for them. That’s why I’ve decided to simply allow each person to get a good sized taste of program first to see for themselves if the juice is worth the squeeze as they say. If someone feels like they got value from these first 5 lessons and wish to continue on then they can subscribe to lessons 7-12 for a small price which included 3 Bonus lessons.” -Chris F Walker

The true liberties of mankind are found in the freedom of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Perception vs Perspective. The lens through which we view the world around us will directly contribute to choices we make of how to function within it.

80/20 Rule and the right shape to build our business model in.

How to pursue our goals and change our perspectives.

Building a business is like raising a child, it’s very unique in business character and culture.

Take a deeper dive and complete modules 6 – 12 for a complete learning experience.

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