I cannot say for certain this post will be received correctly since I usually try to write to the people who are “on the fence” about faith. When individuals who are non-believers encounter topics such as the ones I generally share they seem just to dismiss every word. They refuse to hear, and then claim I have somehow been brainwashed, or coerced away from “reality.” I pity their reality.

To the people on the fence, they may simply need to hear the right word for them to understand why so many of us believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To the people who already believe, nothing should need to be said. This post is mainly for those of you that already follow Jesus, but may not be active in your role as a Christian.

Tonight, I am working on a project, and I have some music playing in the background. I feel moved because I am face to face with some of the realities I have known for years, but have been able to avoid sharing until now. I do not hide the fact I am a Christian, but I will admit I spend a good portion of my time determining the best way to write about my topics. I try to do so without pushing away the people who may not be ready to hear the real messages which can change lives, bring life, and fill a heart with the love everyone longs for. Tonight, I want to share some of the “truths” that may not be what people want to hear because they might get offended.

I tell you this now, if the “truth” offends you, then you are more lost than you are even able to admit to yourself. Two plus two will always equal four, whether you like it or not is entirely irrelevant. So, if my post tonight offends you, then you are precisely who needs to read it. If you wish to hate me for saying these things, then do so, but know that you merely hate the truth. Only those who are trying to avoid the truth are offended by it, and I will pray for you.


Here is some truth. We are forgiven because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for each of us. He did so on an individual basis. It was not some group punishment kind of thing; he suffered for every mistake you and I have made individually.

People seem to forget this one simple concept. The wage of sin is death. How many times have you been condemned to death in your life for the decisions you made? No one has ever nor will ever make you do something wrong. If you are one of the people who believes that you “had no choice” to do something wrong, then you need to explore what it means to have free will. For anyone who understands how many death sentences we create for ourselves, it becomes a very sobering fact. To think the very same judge who will hold us accountable for these poor choices, then chose to bear the cost of our mistakes Himself. He sent His only son, who was God Himself here on earth, to live a perfect life, show us the right way, and die the worst death merely for love’s sake on our account. On your account!

So because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, does that mean life is all sunshine and roses now?

Let me ask you, why did every single one of the disciples face persecution, and most of them were executed, for spreading the message of forgiveness found in the gospel? Why have there been countless versions of people willing to stare death directly in the face and proclaim they love and fear the Lord more than any horror here on earth?

When I was a child growing up in Colorado, I lived near a city with a small high school called “Columbine.” I heard the story of a brave young woman, named Cassie Bernall, who was willing to confess her faith while staring down a killer. It reached my ears long before it became a blockbuster movie; but at that time in my life, I had not accepted Christ. It was nearly a decade later that her sacrifice had an impact in my life. I believe this time span only served to teach an additional lesson from the perfect teacher in heaven. That lesson is His patience is limitless, and He already knows the things which will affect you tomorrow, even if you ignore them today.

Where am I going with all this? I have a very simple message I wish to convey to my fellow believers.

I understand the people on the fence are still searching; and I know for those who think they could never believe, my words may not penetrate; but for those of who claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I would ask this question.

Would you take on the cross?

To the child whose parent has fallen to an addiction and is heartbroken and scared, and you feel completely alone. Will you fight for you Mother or Father, force them away from what is hurting them, and when they condemn and crucify you can you bear that cross in loving sacrifice?

To the spouse who knows they have abandoned and hurt their partner to pursue a selfish dream; can you put aside the hurts, and be the one to break the silence and beg for forgiveness knowing you may be crucified for your confession?

To the parent who knows making the hard choice for their child is what might be the very thing to save their life; will you bear the pain and suffering of that cross to save your child?

To the person who pursued a career and achieved the things you thought you wanted only to discover you now miss the people you abandoned along the way; can you take the step to rekindle the broken bond and let your loved ones know you still love them?

To everyone who claims to be a Christian on Sunday morning, and falls far short of enacting the very principles you pretend to believe in as early as Sunday evening; can you finally put action and power behind your beliefs?

When Jesus rose from the dead, three days after his death his victory over the forces which seek to destroy, kill, and steal our joy and happiness in this world was assured. He did all He was supposed too, enabling us to do what we are called to. God, is the God of relationships. He “is” love! No relationship can thrive and grow without both parties doing absolutely everything they can to ensure the relationship grows and thrives. He has never failed to uphold His part, what about you?

There are so many believers in this world, but only a small few have the conviction and fortitude to stare down the enemy and say, “NOT TODAY!”

“You cannot have my child today!”

“You cannot have my marriage today!”

“You cannot have my friend today!”

“You cannot strip away my faith today!”

If you are one of the people who sees something going wrong in the world around you, but you choose to do nothing then you may as well have the hammer in your hand and be nailing the innocent to their cross.

Would you rather be party to the destruction of the innocent, or will you be what a Christian is called to be? Will you take up the cross for another and be willing to step right into the fires of hell itself for the salvation of just one soul?

Why are we, the believers called to be ready to sacrifice ourselves for others? It is not hard to understand. Do you think Jesus doubted for a second where He was going? He knew His Father awaited Him in heaven with a seat prepared at his table. If you are a believer and you know your spot in heaven is assured, then name one reason which holds as much eternal value as your assurance into heaven that would prevent your from being willing to die here on earth. The chance to help even one person achieve that same salvation is worth the last full measure of our resolve.

Christianity seems like a fun thing to do on Sundays with our friends while we put on some clothing to make others believe we have everything together. We lie to everyone as though we do not have any troubles in our life. I will tell you this. If you have everything together, then why on earth are you not the first person into the fight for those around you who need help?

Maybe, you do not have everything as together as you are pretending. Then is it time to keep pretending, or to step up and realize you need to get your act together? We are not put on this earth to exist! We are created in the image of a God who is mighty and perfect. Do you think He did not create you with everything you would need to not only achieve greatness, but to influence, inspire, and impact the lives of others around you?

Christianity is not a Faith; it is a relationship to God thru Jesus. It is a Calling! Take off the gloves, get off your butt, quit hiding in the shadows, and step out into the world with the real power of a follower of the Living God and do something!

We keep calling out to God, asking “why won’t you do something?”

He did, He made each of us!

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