Is Confidence Good or Bad?

Is Confidence Good or Bad?

I believe one of the most constant battles I face is remembering to remain humble.   

As we go through life we learn many lessons; face many challenges; achieve great things; and experience horrific failures. The trouble I face all to often is in allowing a sense of pride, or worse, arrogance to accompany these lessons. 

The more experience in life the better equipped we become to make decisions. The fault I find most often, is my awareness of this truth can lead me to have a haughty heart.

I believe that when Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs, he was a wise man who understood what were essential lessons to leading a joyful life. However, when we read Ecclesiastes, written later in Solomon’s life, the language seems to shift more towards everything being “meaningless.” 

Does this mean Solomon just gave up on everything?

Of course not. The change in language shows Solomon explaining how small and minuscule the troubles of this world truly are when compared to the vastness and glory of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

The happiness we experience through our life’s experiences while here on earth, pale and shrink to insignificance once we understand the bliss and joy awaiting us at the table of our Heavenly Father. The wisdom and truth Solomon speaks of as he refers to those who “fear” God with healthy reverence, and the “humility” it takes to remember the bigger picture of all eternity, are a key factor to remain “meek” throughout the many lessons of our life.

Rather than seeking self-confidence, we should seek to be confident in our relationship to God through the atonement and sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. Out of the confidence in Him we can’t help but see the fruits of the Spirit, like peace and patience, in our own life.

Rather than seeking to become a better person, we should seek to surrender all of ourselves to become utter slaves to Christ. Out of this surrender we experience true freedom. The kind which fills our hearts with joy even during the worst struggles this world can muster; and we begin to live the best possible life as we allow Jesus’ love to pour out from the overflow of what He pours into us.

The line between confidence and arrogance can be very hard to navigate for someone relying on themselves. For a believer it becomes simple. 

We understand the power of the love of Christ living through us. 

The peace a personal relationship with God brings our troubled and haughty hearts overcomes every circumstance of this world.

The proper perspective of knowing the struggles and even the accomplishments of this life are simply meaningless when compared to heaven. Things like pride and anxiety should pass by us like a leaf on the wind, or as Jesus put it:

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” ‭‭-Matthew‬ ‭5:5‬ 

So is confidence good or bad? 

Well, that depends. Who are you confident in?Yourself, or Jesus?

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