Get In The Game

Get In The Game

I loved playing Little League baseball as a child. I played other sports too, football and soccer for my schools; but volleyball, dodgeball, and paintball were also enjoyable. Baseball was my true love though.

My favorite game was a championship which we unfortunately lost. Though my team did not win the game I was the MVP for a few plays I made. Most notable was a catch I made in centerfield which robbed a homerun from the opponents. That homerun would have tied the game, but I stole it right out of the air.

We went into the 9th inning with a one run lead because of that catch. The final inning was a grueling battle until the very end. On the last play of the game our opponents scored two runs and we lost, but did we ever make them fight for it.

I tell that story to answer a question which you might not see the connection too right away. This question comes up a lot though.

Why wouldn’t God just (fill in some action)…?

It’s not uncommon for people to see things wrong in our broken world and wonder why a loving God doesn’t just “fix” everything. What people often overlook with such logic is the effect such actions would have on our freedom of choice.

Let me back up one second, first of all God “Did” fix everything. The curse of sin on our world has already been defeated for everyone on an individual basis in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even more amazing He fixed everything in a way which never hindered or recanted our God given authority to make our own choices in life. Even the ability to accept or reject what Christ did for us.

So then why are there still bad things happening to good people?

Because sin still exists.

What is awesome about this is it means the “game” is still being played. Now please understand I am not trying to make light of the spiritual battle for our eternal souls.

However if we simply use the analogy of God having a sports team, then we can become the players on the field. By allowing us to play in the game God gives us the ability to share in experiencing His victorious glory.

Truly how much fun would my little league game have been if I had been in the bleachers? Would I have been able to experience the pride and happiness of knowing I did my very best for a team I loved?

All to often people approach their faith as though they were merely spectators rather than players on the field. While it can still be enjoyable to root for your team, nothing can replace the feeling of accomplishment which comes from playing in the game.

God graced us with this ability, and I highly encourage you to make this the very last day you just sit on the bench or hang out in the bleachers.

How about it? Are you ready to get in the game?

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